An Identity Initiative for Johns Hopkins University

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

From its earliest days, Johns Hopkins has been a place of remarkable, organic collaboration. The driving vision of our scholars and the commitment of our staff historically have lifted our work above and across disciplinary silos.

At times, though – to outsiders and perhaps even to ourselves – we don’t project a shared identity or, more important, a shared set of values. That’s why Johns Hopkins is embarking on a new initiative.

The goals are alignment across all our schools and divisions, as well as the fashioning of a more consistent identity. Part of this effort involves reviewing our visual identity, but that is only a part. Overall, this endeavor will allow us to better leverage our strengths and even further enhance the Johns Hopkins name. The result will benefit the entire university community, which faces ever-increasing competition for the best and brightest students, outstanding faculty, research funding, and philanthropic support.

This effort is being led by Vice President for Communications Glenn Bieler and has my full support, as well as that of the university’s board of trustees, deans, and senior leadership from across the university. Now we need to hear from you.

Please visit

to learn more about this important initiative and share your thoughts about the university. After all, members of the Johns Hopkins community know the institution better than anyone – and you can best help us define it. On this site, you can also sign up for email updates on the progress being made.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Ronald J. Daniels