Goal Two: Collaboration

One University

Embark on an ambitious series of major cross-university initiatives that build on our achievements as One University and lower the barriers to collaboration so that our faculty, students, and staff can pursue their ideas wherever they take them.

Our university has long been committed to the idea that our scholars should be able to pursue their most audacious ideas within and across disciplinary boundaries. To further support this ideal, we will:

  • Create world-class core facilities and instrumentation to support fully the research endeavors of our faculty, students, and staff.
  • Build out further the cross-university services that allow our faculty’s ideas to be more easily translated into the products and ventures that advance our societal impact.
  • Develop the next chapter of faculty-inspired cross- university programs in areas that respond to urgent societal and scientific challenges.
  • Remove the systemic organizational, administrative, and technological barriers that unduly impede interdisciplinary collaboration.

Why this goal is important

The challenges facing our world—from climate change, to pandemic preparedness, to racial inequity—are as complex than ever. Tackling them requires insights, methods, and expertise from across fields and disciplines. We understand that our work must be premised, first and foremost, on a scaffolding of robust and vibrant disciplines. At the same time, we know that fields of knowledge are in a ceaseless process of evolution and that our scholars are driven to travel across disciplines to illuminate and understand different phenomena. It is the responsibility of the university to help make this multidisciplinary exploration as smooth as possible.

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Time and again, we have demonstrated that when we strive and dream together, we can expand the horizons of knowledge and impact the world in extraordinary and indelible ways. Now is our chance to do so again. This strategic framework sets out ten new goals for Johns Hopkins University through 2030 under four organizing pillars: One University, Individual and Collective Excellence, Knowledge and Impact, and Community Partnership and Economic Opportunity for Baltimore and the other communities of which we are a part. We look forward with great anticipation to all that lies ahead and all that we will achieve together—as One University.