Goal Seven: Staff

Individual and Collective Excellence

Become a national employer of choice that recognizes, celebrates, and supports our staff and offers multiple pathways to professional and personal advancement for themselves and their families.

We seek to become a national employer of choice for our staff members—an aspiration that recognizes the central importance of our employees to our academic mission, and to the vitality of the city of Baltimore. Specifically, we will:

  •  Create a stronger culture of recognition and belonging for our staff.
  • Develop clear, meaningful pathways for staff advancement and skills development.
  • Marshal our capabilities to ensure our staff members and their families enjoy meaningful opportunities for income and wealth creation—along with stronger health outcomes, educational achievement, and personal well-being.

Why this goal is important

Our 27,000 employees are indispensable to the success of our university. But as important as our staff are to our mission, the truth is that their welfare, their prospective contributions, and their hopes and aspirations have seldom been given clear recognition in university planning documents. Even as progress has been made, we have continued to hear the calls—from our listening sessions and beyond—that more must be done to ensure that our staff are supported in their professional journeys at Johns Hopkins and recognized for their critical contributions to our mission. Their elevation in this strategic document reflects an important evolution in our understanding of their foundational role to our university.

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Time and again, we have demonstrated that when we strive and dream together, we can expand the horizons of knowledge and impact the world in extraordinary and indelible ways. Now is our chance to do so again. This strategic framework sets out ten new goals for Johns Hopkins University through 2030 under four organizing pillars: One University, Individual and Collective Excellence, Knowledge and Impact, and Community Partnership and Economic Opportunity for Baltimore and the other communities of which we are a part. We look forward with great anticipation to all that lies ahead and all that we will achieve together—as One University.