Goal Three: Diversity

One University

Deepen our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to fostering a culture of dialogue and engagement that models the best of a pluralistic society.

At Johns Hopkins, we are committed to being leaders in harnessing data-driven, research-based practices to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education. In pursuit of this ideal, we will:

  • Implement the ambitious goals set out in the Second Roadmap on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Deepen our work to reexamine our history and celebrate the diverse voices that constitute Johns Hopkins.
  • Cultivate a culture of dialogue, engagement, and multiplicity of ideas that honors the ideals of civic discourse and searching inquiry that are core to our academic mission, and that refuses to marginalize those whose ideas challenge us.

Why this goal is important

We believe—as is articulated in our university’s Statement of Principles on Diversity—that every person has equal dignity and worth, and our unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is rooted in this principle. Research is clear that diversity promotes innovation, creativity, and educational outcomes. As a premier research institution, diversity of people, background, experience, and thought is essential to our excellence and success. Even as the legal landscape may shift, we affirm emphatically that this diversity is a critical part of our university’s academic mission.

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Time and again, we have demonstrated that when we strive and dream together, we can expand the horizons of knowledge and impact the world in extraordinary and indelible ways. Now is our chance to do so again. This strategic framework sets out ten new goals for Johns Hopkins University through 2030 under four organizing pillars: One University, Individual and Collective Excellence, Knowledge and Impact, and Community Partnership and Economic Opportunity for Baltimore and the other communities of which we are a part. We look forward with great anticipation to all that lies ahead and all that we will achieve together—as One University.