President’s Day of Service: Thank you

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

On Saturday, before the region began feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy, nearly 1,000 of you turned out for the President’s Day of Service, across Baltimore and beyond. Together, we planted trees and gardens, helped to refurbish buildings and even led workshops for young dance students.

For the first time, alumni chapters in four cities also took part in the day, making it a national effort.

While the health and safety of our community took precedence these past few days, I do not want the commitment you demonstrated last weekend to go unnoticed. Your work was a powerful reminder that the Johns Hopkins University community is part of something larger. So, to all of you who gave your time, your skill and your enthusiasm on Saturday: Thank you.

I invite you to go to our university home page and the university’s news site, The Hub, to find stories and photos of the day.

I know that many of you engage in other volunteer activities throughout the year, so I truly appreciate your participation and effort last weekend.

Warm regards,

Ronald J. Daniels