Strategic Priorities

A Vision for Johns Hopkins

From his inauguration through the the Ten by Twenty, the university’s first strategic plan, President Daniels and university leaders articulated several key priorities for the university: to forge and nurture collaboration in teaching, research and service across our university’s divisions; to foster and support individual excellence among our faculty, staff, and students; to deepen community engagement and ensure Hopkins is truly in and of Baltimore; and to build an ever stronger University in order to advance our academic mission.

Our Priorities

Ron Daniels with a group of volunteers during a President's Day of Service
Commitment to our Communities

Johns Hopkins University’s commitment to Baltimore is based on a simple idea: The health and well-being of the university are inextricably tied to the physical, social, and economic well-being of the city.

A large group of students standing on the steps in front of Gilman Hall
Fostering Individual Excellence

As America’s first research university, Johns Hopkins has defined the modern American institution of higher education for more than a century. We are committed to a simple premise: to be the best place in the world to grow, discover, and achieve.

Gilman Hall
Institution Building

To strengthen our position as one of the world’s premier academic research institutions, Johns Hopkins is marshaling the required resources, policies, and infrastructure to support the advancement of our academic mission.

Research and collaboration
One University

Tomorrow’s most pressing questions will not be confined to silos, and neither will the solutions. From its earliest days, Johns Hopkins has embraced robust collaboration across disciplines, understanding that both our intellectual curiosity and our drive to advance humanity are better served if we work together.