Message on the national election

Dear Johns Hopkins Community:

I write to you on the other side of a historic Election Day. While there is still much we don’t know as we wait for remaining states to certify results, it is beyond doubt that participation—especially by younger and first-time voters—reached levels not seen in decades. That so many Americans exercised their franchise in the throes of a deadly pandemic attests to the intensity and depth of the democratic spirit in this moment. We recognize the effort of members of the Hopkins family to safely vote in this election despite the anxiety and fatigue so many in our community face at this time.

The coming days and weeks will be pervaded by uncertainty as this week’s election results are tallied across the nation. But you can be certain of one thing: Johns Hopkins—like so many public and private universities across the country—will continue to discharge its role in protecting the democratic experiment and securing the promises of liberal democracy through access, education, and the fearless pursuit of evidence-based knowledge.

And as ever, we are offering support to all members of our community—no matter where you find yourselves in the world—as you navigate the impacts of this time of prolonged uncertainty and challenge. We hope you will seek out the university’s resources for students, including international students, and faculty and staff.

Our institution and our country have weathered many epochs of stress and discord. We have also marched forward in tandem with our nation—albeit haltingly at times—toward a more perfect embodiment of the core principles of equity, freedom, and truth.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to keep our university and the people it serves moving forward.


Ronald J. Daniels