Announcing the HCPI Report

Dear members of the Johns Hopkins and Homewood communities,

Three years ago, in my first address to The Johns Hopkins University community, I spoke of a great university that is not only at Baltimore or in Baltimore, but truly and proudly of Baltimore.

The campuses of Johns Hopkins and their surrounding communities are and will forever be inextricably linked. Put simply, we share with our neighbors an interest in safer, healthier and more livable communities. The Homewood Community Partners Initiative (HCPI) grew out of these shared goals.

Over a five-month period, our consultant, Joseph McNeely, a national expert in neighborhood revitalization, collaborated with hundreds of neighborhood, civic and business leaders, local small and large employers, as well as government officials and a Johns Hopkins leadership team. These stakeholders offered their recommendations on how best to leverage our assets and strengthen our communities. The result is the HCPI report, “A Call to Action,” which I invite you to read.

We are heartened by the collaboration through which this project was made possible, and together, we will continue the important work of improving this great community.


Ronald J. Daniels