Message on the crisis in Japan

To the Johns Hopkins community,

As we, across the Johns Hopkins community, watched the devastation unleashed by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in northern Japan last week, our hearts went out to the Japanese people and all those affected by the crises. We now watch with concern as the nuclear situation evolves, hoping for a near-term solution that minimizes the impact on an already suffering nation.

After coordinating with our divisions, we believe – thankfully – that Johns Hopkins faculty, students and staff in Japan are safe. Our thoughts turn now to the monumental relief efforts on the ground.

I am deeply grateful for the compassion that has poured forth from across our university, as students organize to raise awareness and donations and faculty members prepare to lend their expertise to the difficult work ahead. As a community, we stand ready to marshal support for what will surely be a long and challenging recovery.

We encourage you to keep the people of Japan in your thoughts as events continue to unfold.


Ronald J. Daniels