Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools

Dear Staff and Faculty Members:

Baltimore’s public schools, which are so critical to the future of our city, are embarked on an exciting time of enhanced academic achievement and service to our children. You can help. And Johns Hopkins wants to help you help.

As of now, the university is offering eligible staff members up to two days a year of paid leave to spend time working in Baltimore City public schools. And we are making it easier for both staff and faculty members to find meaningful opportunities to serve.

This new program, known as Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools, will match your skills and interests with the needs of the school system.

You may want to work directly with students. You may want to put your professional expertise to use helping teachers, principals or administrators with special projects. You may want to volunteer in accounting, bookkeeping, food services or information technology. You may want to get your hands dirty helping with facilities or infrastructure improvements.

However you want to help, my goal, and the goal of city schools CEO Andrés Alonso, is to find you the right opportunity. The schools have set up a new system to make the match, and Johns Hopkins will be the first employer to use it.

To learn more about Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools and to register for matching with a service opportunity, please go to

While you’re there, please be sure to read carefully the eligibility requirements for the two days of paid leave at

In the year that I’ve been at Johns Hopkins, I’ve found faculty and staff dedication to our community to be remarkable. The results of that dedication are impressive. When a high school student mentored in a Johns Hopkins lab goes on to become an Intel Science Talent Search finalist, that is impressive. When a scuffed-up cafeteria or library is cleaned up and made into a welcoming and cheery environment, that is impressive.

When a child connects with a book and smiles in appreciation at the volunteer who read it, that is impressive. Now, with Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Schools, we will be able to make even more impressive contributions.

I want to thank the Office of Work, Life and Engagement in Human Resources for overseeing this program. Thanks also to Dr. Alonso and his staff for being such wonderful, enthusiastic partners. But most of all, I want to thank you, in advance, for taking advantage of this new opportunity and doing even more to make our schools and our city great.


Ronald J. Daniels