Message on violence in Israel and Gaza
    President Daniels offers his deepest sympathies to those whose families, friends, and loved ones are in harm's way, and shares resources for anyone in the Hopkins community who needs solace or aid.
    Announcing new School of Government and Policy
    President Daniels shares that as a significant element of our deepening presence in the nation’s capital we are launching the Johns Hopkins University School of Government and Policy, our first new academic division since 2007.
    Announcing the Ten for One, 10 goals for 1 University
    President Daniels shares the final version of our new strategic vision, the Ten for One — 10 ambitious goals for our One University.
    What a summer! Welcome back.

    Dear Johns Hopkins Community:  Summer has a well-earned reputation for being slow and quiet compared to the buzz of back-to-school in the fall. But not this summer. Not at Johns Hopkins. Indeed, the past three months have been humming with activity. So, as we begin another semester, I wanted to share some highlights of a truly historic summer and some of the major events we envisage for the start of our 148th academic...

    Announcing a new data science and translation institute
    I am thrilled today to announce a transformative new investment in data science and the exploration of artificial intelligence at Johns Hopkins.
    Johns Hopkins' unwavering commitment to diversity
    We remain deeply committed to the progress we have made and even more so to the extraordinary people who make up our undergraduate and graduate student bodies.
    Seeking Your Feedback on the University's New Strategic Framework

    Dear Johns Hopkins Community: Ten years ago, we joined together to develop the university’s first ever strategic framework, the Ten by Twenty. In spring 2022, we began a series of conversations across the institution around the creation of a new set of goals and aspirations for the university for the years to come. Today, I am excited to share with you a draft of our next university strategic vision: The Ten for One—ten...

    Announcing a Transformative Gift for SAIS Europe
    This gift will advance SAIS Europe’s role as a vibrant hub for scholarship, learning, and public policy—creating new opportunities for students and faculty from across Europe and around the globe to confront the multifaceted challenges of our rapidly changing world.
    DART – Hopkins Making an Impact

    Dear Johns Hopkins Community, Last night, for the first time in the history of our world, an extraordinary team of scientists and engineers from around the globe successfully demonstrated humankind’s capacity to alter the course of an extraplanetary object—in this case an asteroid named Dimorphous—7 million miles away. At the center of the DART (the Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission was The...

    Welcome Back 2022-23

    Dear Johns Hopkins Community: In January 2020, after a long hiatus from teaching, I decided to return to the classroom to teach an undergraduate Intersession course on the university and democracy. All the trepidation and anxieties I felt when I taught my first university class many years ago came rushing back. Would the flow work? Had I assigned the right texts? Would the students find the readings as compelling as...