Welcome to Johns Hopkins. As president of this great university, it’s been my tremendous privilege to witness, every day, the joy and promise of discovery.

Johns Hopkins is the nation’s first research university, a place where we explore fundamental questions of meaning, pursue creative achievement, and advance basic and applied research. And we do so joined together in common service to the world of knowledge and the betterment of humanity.

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These traditions reflect, more than anything, a culture that gives pride of place to freedom of thought, to collegiality and discovery, and to the relentless pursuit of excellence.
—The Ten by Twenty


Progress Report 2019

Ten by Twenty launched six years ago. How are we doing? There is still more work to do toward our ambitious goals, but we’ve made some good progress. Here we present 30 “Snapshots”—stories of our most recent accomplishments since our first progress report was released in March 2015. Visit the site to explore the report and to send your comments.