What is the Ten by Twenty?

The Ten by Twenty is a document that sets out ten priorities to guide the university through the year 2020.

Why now?

Over the past three years, President Daniels, the provost, deans, trustees and other senior leaders have been discussing how to address a number of challenges facing our university.  A number of challenges approach; there are countless opportunities ahead. The time is ripe to take stock of where we are and the direction we should all take in the coming years.

What does this mean for me as a member of the Johns Hopkins community?

Everyone can play a part in the Ten by Twenty. This is a path forward, but not a strategic plan or blueprint for the university.  Initiatives to advance parts of this are underway in schools and divisions across the university; others will commence in the months to come.  And new projects and ideas are welcome and encouraged. One place where you can contribute those ideas is at the bottom of this site. Watch the web site for other opportunities to participate in advancing the Ten by Twenty later this year.

How were the schools and divisions involved with the planning process?

Leadership at each of the schools was involved in shaping the scope of the ten priorities. Furthermore, after the initial draft was posted to the site, President Ron Daniels and interim Provost Jon Bagger undertook more than 35 consultations that encompassed every school and division of the university. The text of the document was revised significantly in light of the consultations.

How does the Ten by Twenty connect to the Rising to the Challenge campaign?

The Rising to the Challenge campaign is an opportunity for all of us to come together to support the core values of Johns Hopkins. The funds raised through this campaign will drive the achievement of the priorities set out throughout this document.

Is there a link between these priorities and how financial resources will be allocated?

This document articulates the university’s aspirations over the next eight years. Many of these aspirations will require the commitment of resources, and the document will help to inform university and divisional fundraising and other revenue-raising activities.

How does the Ten by Twenty relate to strategic plans at the school level?

The most important work to achieve the Ten by Twenty goals will take place at the schools and divisions, including through strategic planning processes.

How will progress toward these goals be communicated to the university community?

We will provide annual reports to the university community communicating the final priorities identified through the consultative process on an annual basis. We will seek to develop benchmarks and measures of our progress along many of these goals, and hold ourselves to progress against those criteria.

What happens in 2020?

As we approach 2020, we will provide a final comprehensive report of our progress to date and share this assessment with the entire university community.